Herb Extractions

All of the products we offer are handmade, from start to finished, from formulations created through years of Education, research, and practice. With God’s vision and guidance, and passion for what we do, we are forever students within our Field.

Wildly Nourish

We make sure that you get the highest quality plant nutrients. Our herbs are what we call “wildly nourish” — meaning they’re a mix of both organically grown and ethically harvested from their natural habitats by our community of wild-crafters.

We start with whole herbs, never powdered.

Instead of skipping a step and purchasing pre-powdered plant material from our farmers and suppliers, we ask for the whole plant and grind/powder in-house. 

Why is this so important? 

First of all, if you buy the herbs pre-ground, how can you identify foreign particles? When harvesting plants, all kinds of things can get caught up in the process — everything from scissors to small animals that roam the farm! This may sound gross, but it’s all the more reason why you want to inspect and remove these particles and items before powdering, which many companies don’t have the time or care to do.

Furthermore, you need to see the whole plant – the whole leaves, for example – in order to confirm the species through traditional plant identification, which is always our first line of quality assurance before using our toolbox of testing methods. This saves both time and money before moving to plant DNA testing and gas chromatography. Plus, you want to see the leaves, flowers, or whatever you’re looking for to make sure you’ve received the right part of the plant.

We follow proper time-of-year harvesting guidelines and buy our plants at peak potency. We want to make sure that every delivery of herbs that we receive is the real deal, the real part, and the finest quality.