At Nafsi Botanicals we craft more than just products — we craft experiences and make each experience a journey of  reconnection to self-essences.Step into the world of NAFSI and reconnect, discover and embrace your Uniqueness, the essence of a youthful, more radiant you.

Guided by Ancient African holistic beauty rituals and inspired by nature, my passion for modern Alchemy and excellence, Nafsi Botanicals Team is on a never-ending quest to elevate beauty industry with products that have been rigorously and continually researched, tested and improved to optimize the health & beauty of skin and hair. 

About products:

Nafsi Botanicals Skin & Haircare are carefully formulated for a wide range of skin & hair needs, and concern such as but limited to, skin clarity, uneven skin and dark spots, dry skin. Our products are crafted with premium ingredients, that are not just supportive to enhances healthy skin & hair, but are also gentle. Nutrients rich ingredients that are handpicked to help even skin tone, improve elasticity, and giving skin youthful and radiant appearance.

Our haircare is formulated with a deep focus on Natural Hair and texture hair. At Nafsi Botanicals Healthy hair is good hair, and healthy body & scalp grows healthy hair, with holistic approach. Nafsi Botanicals Haircare is designed to aid  a wide range of Hair  & scalp needs and concern such as shedding, dandruff, itchiness, flaky scalp among others.



We believe and celebrates the potent power of nature to NOURISH, RESTORE & HEAL. Through our research, product development, Passion and commitment, we create purposeful, results-driven, synergistic formulas for  Skin & Hair that will meet your needs.

Our uncompromising standard for premium quality and dedication for results enable us to deliver high-performance formulations, with amazing textures that promote healthy, dazzling skin and hair.



Nature-derived, finest ingredient that are safe and effective. Crafted in small batches with cold pressed, Organic, Wildcrafted, Ethical and Sustainable Procured ingredients. NO controversial ingredients, cheap fillers or exaggerated claim in our products. 

The NAFSI Botanicals formulations utilize potent percentages of high-quality, unique and precious ingredients derived from nature, From Botanical Herbs extract, to exquisite Organic butters, Cold pressed Oils, distilled Essential oils, Traditionally known, and scientifically proven to benefit the skin and Hair. Expertly crafted from selecting ingredients to packaging, we maximize the delivery and efficiency of therapeutic actives.


With expertise at Nafsi Botanicals, we devote ourselves to creating our own for formulas and crafting our own products which permit us to control the creating process from selecting ingredients to packaging. Nafsi Botanicals products candidly are from from seeds, to our hands and to yours. With passion & mindfulness all products are handcrafted by Holistic Artisans trained and stalwart to the craft of creation products using premium ingredients that will give the optimal experience.


We are concern about safe dosages, limits, health and safety and quality control and stay updated on research to evolve, so you can confidently luxuriate in Nafsi Skin & Hair treats. ALL products are formulated according to the EU cosmetic regulations.