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HOLISTIC TEA is a herbal skin & Hair supportive tea blend designed to help and improve skin & hair overall condition.

The herbs in our Holistic tea have benefits that naturally combat hair thinning, shedding & inflamed scalp, and promote hair growth. It can be used topically and internally.

HOLISTIC TEA is a herbal skin & Hair supportive tea blend designed to help and improve skin & hair overall condition.

It can aid various skin-related problems such as acne, dryness, mild eczema and psoriasis. Each ingredient has been carefully selected to help support clear skin from within. The herbs in our HOLISTIC TEA have been selected to be effective, kind and gentle, making this a great all-around tonic tea.

HOLISTIC TEA has a light and refreshing taste and has a soothing effect on both body and mind. This herbal blend can additionally be used for face steaming or sprinkled into the bath. 


NETTLE LEAF- Rich in Calcium, magnesium, vitamin C, B complex, E & Amino acids

BLACK TEA- Rich in Caffeine, Antioxidant help decrease Hair loss & Promo hair growth

GREEN TEA: Rich in catechins- helps reduce hair loss, Fight dryness of the scalp

CALENDULA FLOWER- Regenerative properties, Antioxidant promotes hair regrowth, protects hair and scalp against cell-damaging free radicals & promotes thicker mane & healthier skin.

CHAMOMILE FLOWER- anti-inflammatory compound help alleviates itchy, dry, and dandruff scalp. Promote healthier & shinier hair, used topically to help treat skin conditions & promote wound healing. Often used in baths to help treat itchy, scaly skin.



Nafsi Botanicals Holistic can be used Topically as

- A Hair-Mist to reset hairstyle,

- Add to a deep conditioner, hair mask/ DIY to enhance strength &/or

- A tea rinse after your deep conditioner. Add tea water to a spray bottle for easy access.

- As skin mist &/or facial steamer.

 - Enjoy a cup of tea at your convenience 


*certified organic ingredient


  • 2 tsp / 250 ml
  • 100° C / 212° F
  • 1st infusion 3 min.
  • 2nd infusion 3 min

Brew 1-2 teaspoons of tea to 8oz water, Steep tea for up to 30 minutes, or overnight for added benefits. When cooled, strain & pour tea water into a  spray bottle. Should be used gently, no more than 2-3 times a week depending on your hair porosity.

STORAGE: When brewed, store it in a dark bottle in a refrigerator or cool area, it can be used for up to 7 days if stored properly.


Urtica ( Stinging nettle) Dioica leaf, Camellia (Black  & Green tea) Sinensis leaf, Rubus Idaeus ( Raspberry) leaf, Calendula ( Calendula) Officinalis flower, Matricaria ( Chamomile) chamomilla flower,  Butterfly Pea Flower, Spearmint Leaf, Peppermint, Horsetail


Caution: If you have Low or normal porosity hair, DO NOT apply to hair more than 3x a week. Always seal in this gem of nature with a leave-in, Oil, Butter, or moisturizer.

Keep out of reach of children. Store in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight and moisture. If irritation occurs, discontinue use.