Thank you for stopping by, to learn more about who I am and why I do what I do. My name is Juliana. My academic background is Bachelor in Law & Political Administration and Management & Organization Development. I have Diploma in International organic Skin & Haircare formulator, with an extension certification in Aromatherapy and Diploma in Clinical Herbalism. 



This path started when I was on my journey to heal. As a Natural hair, holistic lifestyle enthusiast, I've had my fair share of unhealthy skin and hair. Through my experience, I developed a deep desire to explore and gain as much knowledge as possible about things that truly matter to me; Natural wholistic internal care as well as skin & haircare that works without toxic ingredients. It is an honor  to be able to share my love and passion with you all.
My recipes are rooted in ancient beauty rituals, inspired by my endless inspiration from nature, tons of books and research on the subject of hair & skin formulation. I approach each formulation as an art piece, and I get very excited when the idea comes to life. I formulate all my skin and hair care products to be much more than just kind to our skin and hair, more of an experience to reconnect with nature. All formulas are created within the EU guideline og cosmetic regulations, safety is an absolute MUST. 

I am a firm believer in wanting for others what I want for myself. That generally entails the best of care, atmosphere, earnestness, and simple pleasures that adorn a modest yet well-lived life. The benefits of using botanicals are amazing, and I believe everyone deserves the experience of adorning nature's most potent ingredients and the aromatic experience oils can give us.

Everything in the shop is blended with positive energy, best intention and extremely potent, organic and wildcrafted ingredients. I formulate without the need for harmful additives, preservatives, colourants, etc. Also, safe packaging is a top priority.

“Nature needs only our acknowledgement of its profound offerings and our care and respect for what abounds all around us."

Love & light.